The XLOCK 140 is an all-rounder. The unlocking and locking is possible with 4 different methods (parallel): Smartphone, NFCtag, PINcode, Remote unlocking. Flexible working hours, smaller workareas and the rise in hotdesking trends mean a whole new array of demands for the modern workspace. XLOCK Smart Locking Solutions are unique because of the invisible installation, high-quality smartphone access control, digital key distribution and other intelligent features such as real time reporting of who unlocked at what time, remote unlocking and easy programming via the XLOCK app.
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The XLOCK 140 shares the same features as the XLOCK 40, with the only distinction being the use of 6 volts as the power source for our smartphone electronics. As a versatile option, the XLOCK 140 offers four different methods for unlocking and locking: Bluetooth with Smartphone, NFC/RFID Transponder, permanent and time-based PIN Codes, and Remote Unlocking via Gateway. Our XLOCK Lock Manager allows for programming up to 200 different ID cards and PIN Codes, ensuring flexibility. Additionally, for emergencies, a standard USB socket is included to provide a power supply in case of battery failure.


  • Compatible Systems: Bluetooth, NFC, PIN Code, Hotel, Proxy Pincode
  • Power supply: 6 Volt Battery, optional power supply

XL Lock Manager App


Manage all access control through the XLOCK Lock Manager, while operating on high to maximum security standard – smart and simple! The layout of the App is user-friendly, and you can grant, delete or update all digital keys at any time and from anywhere. And using the XLOCK Lock Manager, you get real time reporting in order to see who unlocked the XLOCK at what time.

Free for all, no monthly fee

Unlimited usage with no subscription fees!

The only free administration platform for storage furniture and access control.

  • Unlimited unlocking with smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Up to 200 RFID cards programmable per lock
  • Up to 150 PIN Codes programmable per lock at the same time
  • Up to 150 Fingerprints programmable per lock
  • Simple administration: Super easy to use across mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Data & Insight for pro-active maintenance by monitoring battery status, occupancy and more.
  • Unlimited users: Invite your employees, colleagues and friends and share access to your storage
  • Everything you need to manage your storage in one easy-to-use solution
  • Flexible remote control
  • Remote unlocking via Gateway (optional accessory)

Mechanical keys can no longer meet today’s demands on security and flexibility. XLOCK products with the BLE feature are simple and convenient to handle – at the same time providing a high standard of security. The locks communicate with the smartphone via Bluetooth and are controlled by the XLOCK Lock Manager (iOS/Android and Web App). The XLOCK Lock Manager gives the administrator the possibility to manage all permissions over the app while transforming the smartphone into a secure digital key for the users.

Save time and obtain an overview of your storage furniture. With our Storage Management System, you get a complete overview of every piece of storage furniture your company owns. This helps you save time and money by telling you exactly who has access, who unlocked at what time and the lock’s battery status.

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