Inno Naku Shelves

Naku’s carbon footprint is minimized due to the shelves being flat-packed, reducing needed transport space, while the water-based varnish reduces efficiently hazardous emissions. The Naku shelves also have a long life cycle as they are made from certified solid birch, ash, or oak.
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The Naku Shelf is self-supporting due to its innovative design making it sturdy and able to be assembled without tools. The effortless assembly and disassembly of the Naku Shelves make relocation easy and increase multi-functionality.



The designer of the Basso S Y+C chairs Harri Korhonen is the founder of Inno. Korhonen has designed more than 50% of Inno’s collection. His recognition is prevalent in the awards he has won for furniture and lighting design, design management, exhibition design, and interior architecture. He is also a proud member of the Finnish Association of interior architects (SIO).

Inno was established back in 1975 and is a family-owned company with deep roots in high-level original design innovative product design, and responsible production. Inno was created by interior architect Harri Korhonen and the company is now run by his son Nikalas Korhonen. The company’s main aim is to produce original design furniture that is functional and can be used as “tools for architects”. Inno produces high-quality products that fulfill even the most demanding requirements, mainly with a view to public spaces, and over the years the company has pioneered several ideas for working environments. In recent times, Inno has developed the “cozy office” concept with a range of products perfectly suited for both public and home interiors, for quality and design-aware people.

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