Chat Board Move Acoustic

The CHAT BOARD® Move Acoustic is an innovative product that seamlessly combines a magnetic and writable glass board with a class A acoustic panel. This product is available in two perfectly proportioned movable room dividers, designed to shape multi-functional and creative spaces within spaces. The Move Acoustic is expertly crafted with a high-quality finish, using Remix Screen or Relate Screen fabric by Kvadrat. It features an ingenious “stackable” cross-base, which allows you to store several units in even the smallest space. With its stylish and functional design, the CHAT BOARD® Move Acoustic offers a perfect balance of style and substance, making it an ideal addition to any modern workspace or living area.
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The writable glass surface is the ideal facilitator of free-flowing brainstorming sessions and provides the obvious focal point of shared ideas and information in the corporate conference room, open office space and classroom alike, while its high-performing acoustic panel ensures the balance in visual and auditory exchange.


Product Details

  • Tempered safety glass according to highest quality standards
  • Magnetic
  • Glass thickness: 4 mm
  • C-shaped edges, unpolished
  • Corners: Radius 4 mm
  • Acoustic panel (pinnable): Class A rated Ecophon AkustoTM
  • The wide version come prepared for attaching a TV bracket of your choice (not included)
  • Base: Powder-coated aluminium with brake casters (RAL 9005 Jet Black)
  • 25 standard glass colours
  • Fabric: Remix Screen or Relate Screen by Kvadrat
  • 12 standard fabric colours
  • 2 standard sizes

Customised Options

  • Matt glass
  • Any standard NCS or RAL glass colour
  • Alternative fabric colours (Remix Screen or Relate Screen by Kvadrat)
  • Printed glass panel


Specifically made to provide 360° built-in flexibility, the wider Move Acoustic comes in a variety of different versions, giving free rein to create exactly the right combination of form and function for any workspace scenario.

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