Reduce the risk of viruses spreading at work.


March 5, 2020

How does air purification work and will it remove viruses from the air? There are two key elements to this question.

1. Particle size and 2. Flow rate

A little about particle size:
Viruses are extremely small, usually around 100 nanometres (nm). COVID-19 is only 120 nm. As the virus agents are so small, they require dust particles to travel in the air.
Hence, if you catch the particles – you also catch the virus.
Particles vary in size, but the smaller the particles the easier it is to penetrate the respiration system and the more dangerous it becomes.
For air purification to do its job properly, particles of all sizes need to be caught effectively.
Flow rate:
Indoor air purifiers work by circulating indoor air through the machine’s filters, thereby returning clean air to the room. For it to be effective, the whole air volume of a room should be fully circulated through the air purifier at two to five times per hour.  The amount of air flow through the machine is as important as the filtration efficiency of the purifier. This is known as the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), the amount of clean air delivered per hour (m3/h),
Air0’s years of R&D has resulted in smAIRt® technology.  A special patented way to achieve an extremely high Clean Air Delivery Rate as well as the ability to remove even the smallest particles – the ones which are most dangerous to health.