Martela Beatbox – Mobile auditorium

Retail price £9,200 ex VAT, Outlet price £2,300 ex VAT. Introducing Beatbox, the mobile auditorium solution designed for schools and working environments. This innovative stand provides a cozy and relaxed meeting place for informal gatherings and team collaborations. With its convenient wheels and telescopic structure, Beatbox offers effortless mobility as the lowest steps can be inserted into the structure, making it easy to move around as needed. Elevate your space with the versatile and flexible Beatbox!
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Beatbox, the mobile auditorium designed by interior architect Iiro Viljanen, is a valuable addition to educational environments and commercial workspaces. With its innovative design, Beatbox creates a pleasant and inviting space that encourages students and coworkers to come together and engage in various activities. Its mobility allows for easy reconfiguration and adaptability, allowing schools to transform any space into a versatile learning environment.



Steel structure, MDF, steps dark grey carpet

Beatbox is available in two color versions: tri-color Beatbox and Beatbox Black
Colours: ends painted in white (RAL 9016), dark grey (RAL 7016) and yellow (RAL 1016)

Encourage collaboration in the office

One significant benefit of Beatbox is its ability to foster informal gatherings and collaborative team sessions. By providing a cozy and relaxed setting, it creates an atmosphere conducive to open discussions and creative brainstorming. Students can come together, exchange ideas, and work on projects, promoting teamwork and enhancing the learning experience.

Beatbox addresses the need for flexibility in educational settings. Its telescopic structure and movable wheels enable easy relocation and positioning, making it effortless to create different seating arrangements or to convert an area for presentations or performances. This adaptability ensures that school spaces can be utilised efficiently and effectively for a variety of activities.

Overall, Beatbox serves as a functional and practical solution for schools. It not only enhances the aesthetics of the environment but also maximises the utility of the space. In line with interior architect Iiro Viljanen’s vision, Beatbox aims to create school environments that students genuinely want to be a part of, promoting a positive and engaging educational experience.

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