Office Blueprint puts workplace wellbeing first at Clerkenwell Design Week

Driven by discovering solutions to improve productivity and wellbeing in the workplace, Office Blueprint, a leading London-based furniture company, returns to Clerkenwell Design Week (21–23 May 2019)  with its range of design-led office furniture.

Office Blueprint will have two locations during Clerkenwell Design Week with its stunning brand-new Welltek show room located at 26 Seward Street along with a stand in Design Fields. Each destination will showcase several of its innovative products which highlight technology and wellness in the workplace, including N.A.P, Naava Green Walls, Big Sky, and Framery. All provide a solution to the key elements of employee wellbeing, a topic that is at the forefront of enlightened organisations as we scrutinise better ways to work.


Debuting at Clerkenwell Design Week is N.A.P (Neuron Activation Pod) from Lo0ok Industries, the ground breaking Finnish technology company. The different types of sleeping pods and silent capsules use Neurosonic technology to increase the user’s wellbeing – including sleep quality, migraine problems, stress relief and many more ailments both physical and mental.

The Neurosonic technology is based on sensory tissue stimulation, built-in elements transmit a very low-frequency (20-100 Hz) sinusoidal vibration, which is targeted simultaneously to the whole body. As a natural mechanism, vibration affects your body calmly via the autonomic nervous system and the mind.


In response to air quality, Office Blueprint has brought air purification system Naava Green Walls to the market in the UK.

Naava Green Walls is a piece of smart furniture which combines nature and technology to naturalise indoor air, reducing harmful chemicals and optimising humidity. Following a series of tests and studies, the proven effect of working in the vicinity of a Naava Green Wall include a reduction in illness, less fatigue and improved cognitive performance.

The unique product, which comes with the option of mobility, works by absorbing indoor air through the plants’ roots and a natural soil-less growth medium, developed to avoid pests and mould. The microbes of the roots then purify the air of harmful chemicals, and small, quiet and unseen fans return the pure and naturalised air back into the room. One Naava vertical planter can purify up to 60sq metres of indoor air and would be the equivalent of having approximately 6,000 potted plants in the same space.

Naava’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Aki Soudunsaari will be taking part in ‘Conservations at Clerkenwell 2019’ on Thursday 23 May from 12 –1pm. The session, which is called ‘Wellness in the Workplace’, will be taken by OnOffice’s Editor Jessica-Christin Hametner. Other speakers include, Neil Tomkinson, Lighting Designer & Lighting Expert for the SBID Healthcare Council

Big Sky

Light is crucial to wellbeing. Circadian lighting, like Light Cognitive’s range Big Sky, promotes recovery,  a healthy sleep-wake cycle and your holistic wellbeing. Big Sky ingeniously recreates natural light, giving a sense of the outdoors in indoor spaces where this is impossible. Light Cognitive is dedicated to creating premium lighting solutions for personal wellbeing and performance and offers a range of four innovation Blue Sky options. Office Blueprint will exhibit some of these products, which allow users to experience the natural hues and cycles of the day from dawn to dusk, during Clerkenwell.


Office Blueprint partnered with the Finnish company Framery, a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of soundproof private spaces for open offices. Great acoustics is the key feature which sets the Framery soundproof spaces apart from other similar products. Designed to reduce noise in the open plan office, the Framery acoustic phone booths and meeting pods are the result of more than eight years of ongoing research and development.

Join Office Blueprint

The new Welltek showroom will allow visitors to experience the incredible products for themselves and learn how they can transform wellness, both physical and mental, in work spaces. Office Blueprint will be hosting a gin party in its new showroom from 4 – 9pm on Wednesday 22nd May – the perfect excuse to drop by.


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Notes to Editors:

About Office Blueprint

Office Blueprint is a London-based furniture company specialising in commercial interiors, acoustics, and workplace flexibility. The company was established in 2003, with the founders coming from within the industry, and our combined expertise spans over three decades. Office Blueprint has a large range of design-led office furniture to create the perfect blueprint for an inspirational office environment. It’s solutions help improve productivity and wellbeing in the office, as well as project a modern image reflecting your brand identity.

Its unique combination of excellent furniture design, coupled with proven workplace technology, allows you and your team to focus on what is important – your work.