Founded in 2013, Air0 aims to give everyone the luxury of breathing clean air from Finland with “zero pollutants in the air”. Back in the ’70s, the Finnish government invested a lot in research groups dedicated to removing particles and bad pollutants from the air. As a result, today, Finland breathes the cleanest air on the planet. Air0’s founders were involved in the indoor air industry and discovered that 9 out of 10 people in the whole world breathe polluted air. It affects people’s health, wellbeing and can cause significant ill effects in the long term. To create clean air, they introduced smAIRt® technology, which combines the benefit of a traditional air purifier with smart and unique technology. It produces a large amount of pure air and is able to clean a whole room whilst being silent and requiring little maintenance. It is also scalable, with the option to add multiple rooms to one system which is all managed via an App or web. And finally Air0 looks like a modern piece of furniture and not a plastic air purifier; yet it delivers the purest indoor air.
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