Artome: adding flexibility in workplaces in 2021


January 14, 2021

Toni Parikka founded Artome Ltd. in 2016. Toni wanted to create something innovative, a fully integrated discreet audio system with the best sound quality. 2020 and the pandemic have shown us the importance of having flexible workplaces. Offering high-adjustable desks and chairs to employees is a good start although workplaces need to be more efficient and deliver more than that.


Artome designed an all-in-one furniture solution to cleverly organise the space to have a meeting, run a presentation and hold a learning session on the same day, in the same room. Artome is a user-friendly, plug-and-play solution which completely removed the need for cabling and installation. The first smart furniture that Toni created is called – Artome P22The traditional Tv screen grew larger whilst their depth grew thinner, which affected and reduced the sound quality. Toni was able to innovate the way a TV can combine a high-quality audiovisual experience with a piece of furniture. Interest in Artome started to grow and Toni worked on over 100 audio-visual projects, collaborating with different companies and government instances.

The project of innovating Artome took Parikka a lot of time and investment. School projects lasted for several months, and Toni was looking for a way that would meet the need for constant change of plans in nearly every room. The idea was for the ultra-short-throw laser projector to be integrated directly into the furniture rather than being fixed onto the wall. All the cabling and installation would take place in the factory instead of on-site. 

In 2018  Artome Movea, was born as the first movable presentation solution. Artome offers a new kind of flexibility to the office. Artome Movea is the easiest solution when it comes to movable presentation solutions. It eliminates all needs for planning, installations, and cabling. Artome Movea can transform any space you want into a place for presentations and learning. You only need a light-coloured wall or a screen as a reflection surface. Artome Movea and X30 are on wheels, a feature required in open office spaces.

As the Pandemic spread fast across the world, workplaces had to readjust to a new hybrid work model and become overall more flexible without having to compromise on productivity. Artome can add value to the workplace. A movable projector with great quality sound that can be used and moved wherever and whenever it’s needed. Artome allows you to design the office according to your needs, it has created a new way of thinking when presenting. Adding a new sort of flexibility to the office makes Artome a natural choice when redoing the open space office.


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