During London Design Festival, Office Blueprint, the London-based leading furniture company, will be re-arranging the showroom into an Office Spa at its Clerkenwell Showroom in Seward Street, Clerkenwell. From the 17th to 19th of September, visitors are invited to relax and rejuvenate by trying a host of products unique to Office Blueprint; these products are designed to improve wellbeing in the workplace, such as sensory tissue stimulation and Finnish health technology for indoor air. The Office Spa will also be looking at other factors which contribute towards wellness; visitors will also be able to have one to one session with FUTURE design’s sleep consultant, Dr Neil Stanley, Nutritional Therapist Sophie Higgins, and one of the World’s leading Fitwel specialists, Georgia Elliott-Smith.

Director at Element 4 Group, Georgia Elliott-Smith is the world’s leading Fitwel consultant on schemes outside the USA, with more projects having achieved or working towards certification than any other practice. Georgia will discuss the evolution of wellbeing standards for Office Design at work; covering Fitwel and Well Standards, as well as exploring the relationship between mental health and the built environment. Sessions will run on  17th and 18th  from 10 am to 5 pm and booking in advance is recommended as numbers are limited.

Practising and teaching in London and Brighton, Sophie Higgins is a registered nutritional therapist and yoga instructor. Taking a fully individualised and holistic approach, Sophie Higgins creates health and well-being plans that are bespoke to individual goals and requirements.  Sophie will be conducting 20-minute mini-individual nutrition consultations where she will look at and discuss key areas of health and wellbeing, with the aim of enhancing and maintaining overall wellness. Sophie will be available to  on the 18th from 10 am to 5 pm at Welltek. Pre-booking is recommended but not essential.

Dr Neil Stanley has been involved in sleep research for 36 years and has been chairman of the British Sleep Society. His recent publication How to Sleep Well looks at how sleep majorly impacts on your life and wellbeing. Dr Neil Stanley will be available to give advice on how to achieve the best sleep patterns to suit individual needs on the 18th from 10 am to 5 pm. Pre-booking is recommended but not essential

Visitors are invited to try a range of new products that are exclusive to Office Blueprint in the UK:

Launched at NeoCon, Framery 2Q lounge is the newest multifunctional acoustic meeting pod conceptualised to battle the lack of privacy in an open office.  Available in two different layout options, Framery 2Q is suitable for meetings of up to six people and serves as a space for teams to brainstorm and collaborate without disturbing the rest of the office. Additionally, the low doorstep also means the 2Q is wheelchair accessible. In 2019, Framery 2Q was honoured with two awards including Contract Magazine’s Best of NeoCon Silver Award in the Acoustic Privacy & Modular Solutions category and IIDA/Contract Magazine’s Showroom & Booth Design Award.

Office Blueprint has partnered with Naava the Finnish health technology company to introduce Naava Green Walls, Naava Flow and Naava Flow Duo. Using technology, Naava transforms indoor air to positively impact wellbeing by neutralising indoor air reducing harmful chemicals and optimising humidity. A series of tests and studies have proved that working in proximity of a Naava Green wall results in a reduction of illness, fatigue and improved cognitive performance. Available in white or black, Naava Flow is a free-standing wall that can be used as a space divider that provides privacy while leaving the view open. Naava Flow Duo is the same, but double-sided.

Welltek’s Breathe Room will be transformed by the Neuron Activation Pod, also known as N.A.P, which is equipped with revolutionary Finnish technology produced by the company Neurosonic. This technology is based on sensory tissue stimulation with low-frequency sinusoidal vibration that simultaneously targets the whole body. Neurosonic treatment enhances the quality of sleep and eases stress, muscle tension, and swelling. Stimulation is enormously relaxing both mentally and physically which, therefore can greatly improve employee concentration and wellbeing.


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About Welltek by Office Blueprint

Office Blueprint is a London-based furniture company specialising in commercial interiors, acoustics, and workplace flexibility. The company was established in 2003, with the founders coming from within the industry, and our combined expertise spans over three decades. Office Blueprint has a large range of design-led office furniture to create the perfect blueprint for an inspirational office environment. Its solutions help to both improve productivity and wellbeing in the office, as well as to enhance its customers’ brand identities.

Its unique combination of excellent furniture design, coupled with proven workplace technology, allows you and your team to focus on what is important – your work.