Here at Welltek, we aim to practice what we preach. We encourage clients to invest in their workforce for better health and performance.


Stress Monitoring

How can you be sure your lifestyle is as healthy as it could be? How do you know if you have the right balance between work, leisure and rest? We are able to collect data about stress and recovery in the workplace to give clients meaningful data on the level of stress their teams are experiencing. Everyone is stressed to a certain extent most of the time whilst awake. Indeed, some stress is completely normal. However, high levels of stress for prolonged periods are not good for your health. The working environment can be stressful and getting rest during the working day is not easy.


Air Monitoring

We all need to breathe, yet we typically don’t know whether our indoor air is healthy or not. Air0 monitors, analyses and cleans indoor air to maximise air quality. It is particularly relevant that Air0 is able to reduce the spread of viruses. Viruses rely on dust and other particles in the air in order to move around. By filtering out particles of all sizes, viruses are removed from the air. Watch this space for a training session on 11th and 12th March for more information.

Continuously monitoring indoor air, the sensors will measure fine-particles (PM2.5), gaseous components (tVOC), CO2, temperature and humidity. The purifiers are directly connected to the Air0 Cloud and are easily managed and controlled from an App and/or the internet.

We all breathing more than 10,000 litres of air every day. Let us help to ensure that your indoor air is good for you.


Desk Utilisation

Thanks to the internet, and the rise in cloud computing, many works tasks can be done from anywhere and mobile working has increased hugely. Consequently, the office is often not fully utilised and space is often wasted. So how do we fully understand how space is used on a daily basis? Our desk utilisation management tool helps you to understand your office space needs. Sensors will measure the individual occupancy of desks and meeting rooms and collects data to help you redefine your needs and manage your environment.

A scheduling system is included, allowing user to find available space. Lighting and A/C can also by controlled according to occupancy needs, thus saving resources and costs.