Welltek Showroom


June 17, 2019

Following Clerkenwell Design Week 2019, feel free to come to our new Showroom in Seward Street and experience our Finnish products if you’re looking to improve your daily wellbeing in the workplace.



Welltek is a new brand by Office Blueprint which focuses on wellbeing in the office through good design and new technology. At Welltek showroom we would like to introduce some of the leading brands and products in the industry of wellbeing in the workplace – a new and fast-growing trend! All our products combine modern technology with beautiful design to make the office a good and efficient place to work.


Welltek showroom has a breath room dedicated to Navaa green walls which create fresh, clean and healthy air. Walking into this room you can really feel the benefits from this high technology green wall that do more than just make space looks green and stylish.

Thanks to its real plant, Naava wall is able to naturalise and purify a room up to 100 square meters.

Want to run a meeting into The Breathe Room? Get in touch!


Furthermore, we also have displayed some a light from Light cognitive that really gives a natural light derived from nature in the office to create a better office environment that focuses on wellbeing.  Not only does it creates natural and good lighting it also has a technology that gives your body the feeling of the natural sunlight that we all need, but most of us don’t get enough of it. Indeed, we spend 90% of our daily time indoor – we all have a lack of natural light. Its high-quality artificial lighting permits to reproduced natural light all day long and regulates the circadian cycle, improves recovery and good sleep-wake cycle.


At Welltek showroom based in Clerkenwell, you can also come an experience all the Framery models from the smallest O booth perfect for phone or video calls to the Q model which is ideal for small meetings or privacy to focus to the newest model the 2Q which is perfect for meetings. The Framery products can help improve wellbeing at the office: privacy and silence are some key elements all offices need to make sure the workers can be productive and feeling well at work, as these pods are quality acoustic pods with room for privacy. They create happiness in the workplace.


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