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Monthly Subscription

We are excited to offer new innovative & flexible monthly subscription base to enjoy Welltek products to help businesses make long term commitment to their staff wellbeing, healthy and happy workplace. Just Rent gives companies the opportunity to experience the best products and technology available for a fraction of the purchase price. We take away the hassle and you can enjoy our products with guarantee and stress free. We take care of delivery, installation and servicing for you without effecting your cash-flow.

Just Breathe. Complete clean air service

Air pollution is an invisible killer. It kills more people than wars, natural catastrophes and traffic incidents combined. Reducing the transmission of COVID-19 is a very topical reason to improve our air quality, but there are many reasons to be concerned about  indoor air. Air pollution has been long identified as a Global health hazard, shortening life expectancy. We spend 90% of our time indoors and indoor air quality is affected by several different sources. Indoor air quality problems can cause numerous symptoms’, illnesses and chronic ailments.

SmAIRt® is the most efficient way to clean indoor air

Traditionally, mechanical and electrical filtration have been the main technologies for purifying indoor air. Used alone, they both have limitations and need to compromise on either filtration efficiency or the air flow. Air0’s patented smAIRt® Technology combines these two in a unique way to deliver unrivalled purification performance.

Extremely high and proven Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

With air purifiers, the most important factor is CADR. In other words, how much clean air the purifier is able to produce. SmAIRt® purifiers have excellent CADR values, enabled by our unique and patented technology, combining mechanical and electrical filtration in an optimal way.

Two models, infinite possibilities. Air0 purifiers are standalone models which can also be grouped together to manage multiple rooms in one building via web or App. Equipped with the most efficient purification technology. They are powerful and they are beautiful – designed and handcrafted in Finland, where form meets function. They are truly like nothing else in the air purification market.


Rest & Recovery
for our stressed-out
NHS heroes

“Thank you so much for coming all the way to Whipps Cross, you made the staff very happy today. Many thanks for the Neurosonic products – we are so excited to have them in the department”. Dr Jessica Best Opthalomy Education Fellow, Education Academy Whipps Cross