Xlock is an innovative technology that offers the ability to upgrade any office filing cabinet/locker system into a cutting-edge, fully confidential, multi-user system.

Easy, Smart, Flexible.

Employees can now easily find, book and open their lockers from anywhere and at anytime. All this is done with the book iT feature in the XLOCK Lock Manager App.

In the United Kingdom, the most commonly lost item is a set of keys every single day.


Gain an overview – online. The XLOCK Lock Manager allows you to see real-time data like battery status and monitoring. 


Today, very few employees sit in the same place all day long. Many companies have introduced hybrid working flexibility. This means, a fewer lockers are needed as not all employees are at the office at the same time.


More and more companies are investing in longterm digital solutions. Offering a free remote management system guarantees a continuously updated and relevant key management tool. Using the smartphone as a digital key eliminates the cost of purchasing new keys when lost.


Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to the workplace. The XLOCK Lock Manager makes it possible for the individual employee to administrate their locker on their own. The employee can add any given NFC Tag, give coworkers the right to unlock the locker and delete the locker when not needed anymore.

Remote Management

Locker management is often associated with a lot of work and hassle. With our XLOCK Lock manager, time based digital keys can be granted instantly via smartphone. Remote unlocking is possible via gateways.


Intelligent buildings are not only energy efficient, they are also more productive. Buildings can be equipped with a network of gateways that continuously map the use of all lockers. That way, employees know where there are vacant lockers in the building and the facility manager knows how many lockers are actually used.

Sustainable innovation that supports the circular economy.

XLOCK sees itself as an innovation driver and manufacturer of high-quality digital furniture locks. With over 20 years of experience in the provision of innovative lock solutions and numerous, successfully completed projects all over the world, XLOCK has the know-how to offer experiences that go beyond pure function.

Unlock Your Future.

Flexible working hours, smaller workareas and the rise in hotdesking trends mean a whole new array of demands for the modern workspace. XLOCK Smart Locking Solutions are unique because of the invisible installation, high-quality smartphone access control, digital key distribution and other intelligent features such as real time reporting of who unlocked at what time, remote unlocking and easy programming via the XLOCK app. XLOCK products give you an easy and invisible way of unlocking and locking drawers, lockers, cabinets and sliding doors. This is done by RFID card, key fob, PIN Code, Biometric or Smartphone. XLOCK products are compatible to all existing credentials.

Easily upgrade existing office furniture.

TPG Telecom / Vodafone Australia

TPG telecom and Vodafone recently merged to form one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies. The brief was to accommodate extra staff at Vodafone’s head office without the need to add additional lockers. The 1000 lockers are being progressively converted from manual combination locks in an allocated mode to XLOCK40 in a flexible temporary “freelocker” mode using existing building access cards.

An ingeniously simple Perspex cover was designed to fill the hole left by the removal of the manual lock as well as function as the LED indicator and swipe location.

Before After