An effective air purifier for rooms up to 50m2 that removes all unhealthy pollutants in your indoors such as room dust, animal dust, pollen, VOCs, microbes, mould and microplastics. The technology deployed in UniqAir air purifiers has been tested by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

UniqAir Purifiers use a three-stage filtration technology to ensure a superior filtration efficiency:

  1. Coarse Filter
  2. Activated Carbon Filter
  3. EPA/HEPA Filter

Thanks to its coarse filters (Class G1), UniqAir purifiers clean 100% of gases. When it comes to choosing your air purifier, the filtration efficiency appears as a key element to make sure as much as air pollutants can be cleaned.

Developed with The Finnish Defence Forces, UniqAir’s broad spectrum activated carbon is able to filter out a wide variety of harmful molecules. The thick activated carbon layer allows the purification to be much more efficient than other purifiers as UniqAir has the right amount of activated carbon. The combination of activated carbon and the rate of impure air passing through must be correctly proportioned to removes particles in the air. The superior performance of UniqAir air purifiers is guaranteed by the right thickness of the right kind of activated carbon, matched with the correct speed of airflow.

The air purifier simply needs to be plugged into a standard UK socket (230 V, ~ 50/60 Hz) and can be placed in different areas (table, desks, floor) or on a wall mount. The air purifier comes with a timer and remote control and can be managed via a mobile device (WIFI).

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