TableBed offers a smart and interior solution that enables efficient use of the space around the clock. It combines the two most space taking items in the home – the table and the bed. The product is inspired by minimalism and is taking maximum advantage of the living space. With the innovative patented mechanism, the furniture can easily be turned from a table into a bed no faster than 10 seconds. It allows you to safely open and close the furniture on your own. The hinges, gas springs and wheels underneath make the transformation from table to bed easy.

The table offers a waterproof sealing strip which keeps the bed dry even if something is spilt on the table. The strip between the tabletops can easily be wiped with a moist cloth to keep it clean. TableBed comes with a hotel-grade foam mattress. It means comfort is no compromise – which often is the issue with sofa/spare beds.

Sizes: single and double bed – Colour: white, black and oat.

TableBed provides a perfect solution for hospitality and hotels to maximise the space as much as possible.

Single Bed

  • Table: 213 x 52,5 x 90 cm
  • Single Bed: 213 x 101 x 48 cm
  • Weight: 46 kg

The single bed is ideal for hotel rooms. Here it is possible to combine a desk and a bed. This allows the spare bed to be an implemented part of the decor and a real space saver. Instead of adding an extra bed to a room when needed, it will always be available for guests to use. For hotels, this will make the everyday work life more effective as there is no need to drag spare beds back and forth.

Likewise, Tablebed would be a great solution for hospitality by giving visitors the option to have a good night of sleep in a possibly difficult time. Implementing the Tablebed to the hospital rooms will again make the daily tasks easier for the employees as the visitors themselves. It gives them the option to open and close the bed when needed. Tablebed is equally useful for the hospital staff. Combining the desk and the possibility to get a great sleep in-between shifts will help the wellbeing within the hospital which in the end will benefit the whole experience within hospitality.

Double Bed

  • Table: 213 x 95 x 75 cm
  • Double bed: 213 x 152 x 48 cm
  • Weight: 82 kg

The double bed will be a perfect fit in large hotel rooms with room for dining. Being able to combine the dining table with a bed will not only save space but also cost. Implementing the multifunctional furniture into the hotel room will benefit not only the staff and save them from dragging spare beds back and forth, but also the guests. The guest will experience an easy choice of furniture which will meet the different needs during their visit. Being able to have a large table during the day and a nice bed during the night will result in the space being usefully used and serve its purpose.

Tablebed gives the option of space. We all have experienced how much space a spare bed takes up, by choosing Tablebed this will no longer be an issue.

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