Enjoy the silence. O

Enjoy the silence. O

We are now offering Innovative & flexible subscription service which brings you the joy of the best acoustic booths on the market for a fraction of the purchase price. Ideal for video conferencing and calls, adapting easily to your space needs. The pioneering office phone booths deliver an echo-free and comfortable working environment. Installation is fast and the pods are ready to be used the same day it is delivered.

Framery O Phone booth (w100 x d100 x h221 cm) can become a part of your office and work culture for £235.00 a month with standard white exterior, height adjustable stool, tabletop, air ventilation system, power module with UK socket & Twin USB charger and LED lighting. Framery are the world’s best selling office pods and phone booths. Every detail of every product is carefully considered and perfected to ensure it contributes to customer’s happiness, from usability and acoustics to aesthetics and sustainability.

Minimum commitment is a 3-month period with only a month’s notice to cancel the subscription.

How does it work?

Total invoice for 1st three-months subscription is £1,200.00, the first invoice includes three months fees of £705.00 shipping & assembly at £495.00 and is be due prior to installation. Subsequent monthly payments of £235.00 will be collected via Direct debit until the subscription is cancelled with a one month’s notice required.

Please get in touch to tailor our offer for your project requirements.

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Enjoy the silence. O?

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