Consultation Pod for Healthcare

Our Consultation Pod is a convenient and ideal solution for private online consultations between patients and doctors. It ensures that sensitive information remains protected, and patients can comfortably and confidently discuss their health concerns with their healthcare providers, knowing that their conversations are entirely secure and confidential.
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Our Consultation Pods for healthcare are versatile and can be placed in various settings including public, clinical, or office areas. To support sustainability efforts, our products are made from high-quality, sustainable materials that allow for easy dismantling and movement, without compromising acoustic properties or longevity.

We have taken great care to consider every detail of our product, perfecting it to ensure optimal user comfort and performance. Additionally, our pods are available with controlled access features, offering enhanced security and privacy for users.

Features & Materials

Desk, height adjustable, durable laminate, anti-microbial 

Floor: vinyl
Electric socket and charging USB integrated in the tabletop. Base: Castors. Levelling glides.
Magnet closing door. Left handed door

Glass screen, vinyl floor. 

More Information

The speech level reduction (DS,A) is the highest on the market, 31dBmeasured according to the new ISO 23351-1 developed specifically to meaningfully assess this type of product. This level of sound insulation maintains full confidentiality with an option for additional privacy frosting. Plug and play consultation pod already used across many NHS Trusts available for trials, saving space and build materials. Easy and quick installation make it the perfect and efficient solution for fast pace environment.

“The installation was so efficient, and I am even more impressed now after seeing the construction methods and thought that has gone into the design of the products! 

My Assistant Director wanted to be on site for the installation too, and he was “blown away” also – which I’m really happy about. It was great to hear my ADs approval that it’s well worth the investment”

Martin McGillie 

ICT End Use Computing, South Eastern H&SC Trust

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