Air0 Purifier

Suitable for: Offices, Dental practises, Pharmacies, Doctors’ Surgeries, and any public or commercial environment. Any setting where clean air is a necessity.
Air0 is available to rent or buy.

Air0 is a Finnish technology company truly passionate about air we breathe indoors and its purification. After years of research and design Air0 is offering the most innovative and efficient solution to pure indoor air available on the market.
Air0 Purifier’s aim is to purify your indoor air by removing toxic particles.
Air0 Purifiers are based on the company’s patented smAIRt®technology providing extremely high amounts of clean air (CADR- Clean Air Delivery Rate). Air0 Purifiers are connected to Air0 Cloud to enable remote control from anywhere, freely programmable purification schedules, and purification alerts.

The Air0 Purifiers comes in 2 different sizes, based on the size of the room. We also offer different colours options to fit your interior design.
In addition to the Ai0 Purifier, we offer an Air0 Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Service (IAQ) and an Air0 Clean Air System (a combination of the Air0 Purifier with the Air0 Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Service (IAQ) ).
How efficient it is?
To measure how efficient a purifier is, we calculate the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).
Unlike most of the purifiers on the market, Air0 has a really high filtration efficiency. However, only the air circulated through the purifier is filtrated. If only some of the room’s air goes through the purifier, the rest stays unpurified, no matter how high the filtration efficiency is.

As an indicator, the whole air of a room should be fully circulated through the air purifier two to five times an hour. Because of this, the best criteria to select an air purifier is the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).
CADR= Filtration Efficiency x Air Flow= the amount of clean air delivered per hour (m3/h).
Air0 purifier model smAIRt1200 has a CADR of 1240 m3/h.
Air0 purifier model smAIRt600 has a CADR of 770 m3/h

The highly experienced team of professionals in aerosol physics, technology development and engineering developed the smAIRt® technology which is a special, patented way to combine electrical and mechanical purification technologies. As a result, smAIRt® purifiers have an extremely high CADR value even for the smallest particles.

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