Air0 Clean Air System

Suitable for: Offices, Dentist Surgeries, Pharmacies, Doctors’ Surgeries, and any public or commercial environment. Any setting where clean air is necessary.
Air0 is available to rent or buy.

“Viruses are really small – often 100 nanometers or less. They travel in mass in the air attached to bigger particles, which encourages spreading. The key to destroy them is to catch all particles.” Neil Jenkins, MD, Welltek.

Air0 is a Finnish technology company truly passionate about the air we breathe indoors and its purification. After years of research and design, Air0 is offering the most innovative and efficient solution to pure indoor air available on the market.

Air0 Clean Air System is a revolutionary total indoor air purification solution combining Air0 Purifiers and IAQ Monitoring Service. The Air0 total system includes all the features mentioned above plus 100% purification automation with centralised system control and management. It is designed and implemented to optimally match each customer’s current needs, and to easily scale up with future needs.

Before purifying a room, it’s important to follow an initial assessment with Air0 Monitoring Service. After a few days, the assessment will reveal the quality of your air and any issues. Among these issues, bacteria, viruses and particles can badly influence your indoor air. After the initial assessment, an Air0 Purifier will remove bad particles and purify the air.
-Viruses are really small – less than 100 nanometers. They travel in mass in the air attached to particles. The key to destroy them is to catch particles.
-Bacteria are larger than viruses – between 0.5 and 10 micrometres diameter and thus found as one type of particles (microbes) travelling in the air.
-Particles have different sizes. Generally, ”particulate matter” (PM) is used to describe the size of these. For example, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 can have a diameter of less than 1 micrometre. The smaller the particles are, the easiest it can penetrate the human respiration system and the more dangerous it becomes.
As additional information, Coronaviruses are approximatively 120 nm in diameter. The extremely small sizes do not allow the virus to travel in the air alone. It travels on the surface of bigger particles and encourages its spreading.
Air0 Total includes air quality monitoring service, fully automated Air0 Purifiers and Air0 App. All system components are connected via Air0 Cloud.

Air0 is the ideal solution for any commercial or public setting including offices, dental practices, restaurants, doctors waiting rooms, pharmacies and any setting where clean air is a necessity.

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