COVID-19: New dynamics in the office

COVID-19: New dynamics in the office

Covid-19, lockdown, isolation and so on is a new reality. During the first lockdown, people got used to working from home and feeling safe not being around any possible infection. At the dawn of the second lockdown, we must ensure employees a safe workspace to be in as a priority to bring them back to the office in a few weeks.

Employees are scared that going back to work will result in them getting Covid-19 and spreading it on to family and friends. We therefore must figure out how to rethink and optimise the wellbeing in the office and create a safe environment for all working within the companies. By wellbeing in the office, you should not understand it as yoga sessions or meditation, but how to implement new technology which will improve productivity, work ethic and create a Covid-19 friendly environment.

We must think of new innovative and resilient solutions for the office. We need a space that can adapt to the circumstances in society. The new reality is social distancing, video conferences and bubbles and we must keep this in mind decorating office spaces. The optimal solution would be to create a workspace that can change regarding who is using it. As Covid-19 brings a lot of consequences new possibilities and solutions are created as well. Therefore, we at Welltek are thinking in new terms of how we can bring back wellbeing to the office. The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work, therefore focusing on wellbeing is important in the office as well as at home.

We offer products which allow you to make a social office which is important to create excitement to come back to the workplace. As video conferences are the new meetings it is important to maintain human contact among the employees in the company as it flattens emotions being online all day. So, while being future-orientated with an adaptable office you will also need a comfortable environment where employees are happy to be.

In the following we will introduce you to different solutions that we at Welltek thinks will bring back wellbeing in your office.

Being outside in nature makes us all feel better. Then why not bring nature inside? Normally office spaces are just filled with desks and chairs and nothing inspiring to look at, you can change this by bringing in NAAVA products. NAAVAs goal is to create a healthier, happier and more inspiring workplace for all where breathing in fresh air indoors is the new normal. Those living and working in the city breathe in sterilized and manmade air this is one of the biggest environmental health risks. Bringing parts of nature inside will help employees with their wellbeing and efficiency in the office. By bringing in plants the productivity increase by 15 % compared to workspaces without plants. Likewise, are the Co2 levels reduces by 25 % in non-air-conditioned offices too. So why not bring inside entire walls with plants? They participate in a great difference to the air we breathe and our moods.

The air we breathe is important, it determines our health and wellbeing. If we breathe in polluted air our health is at risk. Particles, CO2 levels, VOC levels and so on all affect our body. Breathing in clean air has a lot of positive aspects as clean air does not cause any short- or long-term consequences and benefits to the wellbeing.

Air0 cleans out all the particles in the air which dangers our health. By monitoring the air every minute, it can let you know what changes you need to make to better the air you and your employees breathe in. By being aware of the indoor air you will notice that the productivity from your employees will improve. Air0 and NAAVA will not only clean the air but also refine your wellbeing as the human body feels more inspired and healthier. We spend 90 % of your time inside and therefore the indoor air is essential for a great work ethic.

The Finish brand Framery offers acoustic booths which allow you to take phone calls, have meetings and discussion in private without disturbing your colleagues working around you. The pods are designed to host 1 to 6 people regarding the size you choose from the portfolio for your office. The Framery O works as a phone booth, it has room for one and allows you to have your phone calls in private. The Framery Q and 2Q work as meeting rooms where you can have discussions, again, without disturbing the ones working around you.

Some of the benefits of the Framery pods are that you can have meetings in a private space in the middle of the office without disturbing anyone. The pods are movable and allow you to change your office for your needs. All Framery pods come now with a copper-plated door handle. Used for health purposes, copper makes viruses disintegrate much quicker than any plastic or stainless steel surface. Moreover, an anti-microbial non-toxic fabric is now available. This material deactivates the biochemicals within each microbe or virus.

The Framery booths create an informal yet social environment where you can work alone or in small groups. The pods are comfortable, and you can design and furnish them after your own and your colleagues’ needs.

Bringing Framery products into your office will create a flexible and inspiring place for employees to be. The pods participate in a comfortable, silent and opportunity-filled office which creates a great value for those working in the surroundings.

Another product we offer is the N.A.P from LoOok Industries. Napping in the office has been encouraged in many workplaces, with the N.A.P this is possible. A power nap can improve employee concentration and productivity. The pod helps you sleep better, relax and recover depending on which program you choose. It effectively decreases work-related stress and eases pain. The technology in the pod is based on sensory tissue stimulation, very low frequent sinusoidal vibration, which is targeted simultaneously to the whole body. This kind of stimulation is extremely relaxing both physically and mentally.

Due to Covid-19 people were forced to work from home and adapt to the new working environment. This resulted in many employees to take a nap throughout the day as they were working in an environment that for them resulted in wellbeing. With the N.A.P you can allow your employees to maintain this routine and bring in wellbeing in a new form. Your company does not need to invest in big wellbeing projects and events, it is enough to make sure the office space offers the right and necessary products which can improve the work ethic within the workspace.

Wellbeing within the office should be an option for everyone. Being able to breathe in clean air and not get headaches and become fatigued throughout the day. Being able to focus without getting disturbed from phone calls and video conferences. And being able to recover from stress, pain and so on should be a possibility for all.

Wellbeing means a lot of things, all you must do is think outside the box and create a comfortable and social office for your employees. This will result in a happier, more efficient and creative working environment.