Artome: the flexibility in workplaces in 2021

Artome: the flexibility in workplaces in 2021

A wish for an integrated and discreet audio system in existing furniture? In 2016 Artome Ltd. was founded by Toni Parikka who based his company on the above inquiry. The task was initially considered impossible without having to compromise on the sound quality, a new approach to the design that paid attention to acoustics was required.

2020 has shown us that we must adapt ourself quickly to situations and remain efficient. Workplaces must be more flexible in 2021 by offering more than high-adjustable desks to their employees – even though it’s a good start. Artome designed an all-in-one furniture solution to cleverly organise the space to have a meeting, run a presentation and hold a learning session on the same day, in the same room. Artome made cabling and installation obsolete, a plug is all you need.

The screens of TVs grew larger while their depth grew thinner which reduced the sound quality. Parikka innovated how a TV can transform into a high-quality audiovisual experience combined into a piece of furniture. The first smart furniture was born – Artome P22.

As the interest for Artome grew, Parikka had worked on over 100 audiovisual projects with different companies and government instances. The project of innovating Artome took Parikka a lot of time and investment. A large school project had lasted for months and the constant change of plans in nearly every room drastically slowed down the project. As he was installing an ultra-short-throw projector on a wall, Parikka wondered why the projectors weren’t being installed directly into furniture. All the cabling and installation would take place in the factory instead of on-site. The only required step after delivering the furniture would be to plug it in.

In 2014 the first concept model of smart furniture with a big screen and audio playback was born. After numerous different visions and evolution of technology, May 2018 was the moment Artome said goodbye to installation. Artome Movea, the first movable presentation solution was invented.

Artome offers a new kind of flexibility to the office. Artome Movea is the easiest solution when it comes to movable presentation solutions. It eliminates all needs for planning, installations, and cabling. Artome Movea can transform any space you want into a place for presentations and learning. You just need a light-coloured wall or a screen as a reflection surface.

Artome Movea and X30 are placed on skates which add flexibility to presenting. The opportunity to move the projectors around according to where it is needed fits into the developments, we see in the open office spaces right now.

As Covid-19 is spreading fast all over the world the way of decorating an open office space has changed and flexibility has become the main focus. Workplaces must adapt themselves quickly to face challenges that require another way to work  – without giving productivity a miss.

To feel safe and being able to transform the office according to your needs is the new trend. With Artome you can create a new value e.g., having a movable projector with quality sound that can be used where and when you need it.

Artome P22 offers classic design quality sound and pictures integrated into one piece of furniture. This will become the media centre of the room and can be customised to fit the decoration of the room – meaning you do not have to build the room around the Artome P22 furniture, but you can design it so that it fits your décor.

All together Artome has created a new way of thinking when presenting. Adding a new sort of flexibility to the office makes Artome a natural choice when redoing the open space office.