Framery One: the high level of flexibility

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Framery has launched a new product which redefines the whole product range. Framery One is the first connected soundproof pod containing the latest technology, leading sound insulation standard, superior air circulation, and echo-free acoustics. The traditional office is changing and flexibility it the new priority due to meetings often being held virtual. The new offices must adapt to specific tasks offering both physical and virtual collaboration. The number of traditional calls has gone down, and video calls have gone up.

Framery One is meeting the new work life. The dream of designing a revolutionary digital and soundproof space with modern astatic and Scandinavian design has come to life.

To meet a high level of flexibility, Framery is launching new panel colours to help you recreate the pod over time. Built to last decades, the panels are easily interchangeable to suit your branding guidelines and taste to enhance the best experience. Not only the exterior panel comes with new colour options, the interior panels, but carpets, seats, and tables are now to be customised too. It offers endless possibilities to meet the pod of your liking. Additionally, the pod can be built in a few minutes only – about 20 min. This new feature offers you the ideal level of flexibility when the pod needs to be dismantled and placed somewhere else in the same building. In the process, feel free to try new colours: the staff will think a new brand pod has been brought to the building.

Framery One has brought a lot of new features to its range of products including connectivity and flexibility. These two key elements are the focus of 2021 for workplaces. Framery offers the option of perpetual renewal in a pod. Meet Framery One.

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