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Framery O - Financing


The Framery O Booth is a personal soundproof space to make private phone and video calls, or focus on a piece of high concentration work. The Framery O includes an ergonomically comfortable tabletop, air ventilation system, electric socket and LED lighting. The booth is customisable in a wide range of seat upholstery, shell, and table finish options to suit your office. Seat options include classic or height adjustable variants.

You don’t have to use cash or bank facilities to fund your furniture project. Instead of tying up capital, you may wish to consider a lease facility. Leasing is a cost-effective method of achieving your ideal workspace whilst retaining capital in your business.

With leasing, you could pay as little as £324 + VAT per month over 2 years for a Framery O Standard. Please get in touch for a quotation specific to your needs. 

Available for corporate bodies only. Subject to status.


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