Lifestyle assessment takes place over a 3 day period

Here at Welltek, we aim to practise what we preach. We encourage clients to invest in their workforce for better health and performance. We have the luxury of being surrounded by our wonderful products, which improve our wellbeing in the physical environment. But what about our overall lifestyle? We are all in control of our diet and exercise, but wouldn’t it be great to actually understand our stress levels on a daily basis. Several members of the Welltek team have recently undertaken a lifestyle review using some very clever technology which has allowed us to see our stress patterns, to understand what makes us stressed and most importantly what breaks the stress cycle.

Lifestyle assessment – what  you can learn.

Modern life can be pretty stressful. A little stress is fine and indeed it can help us in certain situations, but prolonged stress without recovery can be very detrimental to our health.

The lifestyle assessment involves wearing a small heart monitor for 3 days. It’s very discreet and easy to wear under your clothes and whilst you are asleep. The device measures dynamic heartbeat signals with near-laboratory accuracy and the follow-up reports translate the data into a personal assessment of the user’s stress.


An elevated activation level in the body, and it can be positive or negative.


A calming down of the body: Important recovery periods include sleep and peaceful moments during the day.

Physical Activity

Physical loading during which energy expenditure is significantly increased.

Neil's Lifestyle Assessment

Here Neil shares his personal results. The monitoring takes place over 3 days, and Neil chose one weekend day and two work days to see how different types of days and activities affected his stress levels.

DAY 1: Sunday

Neil is a devoted Football Dad, from coaching the under-12 team for his youngest to running the line as a volunteer for his eldest son’s under-14 team. He was surprised at how intense a workout he was actually getting from running the line, shown here by the strong blues from 10am and burning calories at quite a high rate. He was also a little surprised by how much stress is shown by the U-12’s training, but this is a good example of stress showing up when you don’t actually realise it. Neil’s had a good moment of recovery, aside from sleep, at 9pm when he had a 10 minute recovery session on the Neurosonic Wave mattress. This is the same technology which is built into the N.A.P.

“My overall review after the 3-day assessment showed a relatively good stress level and highlighted the positive impact of taking short breaks during the day. I was personally very disappointed in my fitness level of “good” as I’ve always enjoyed exercise. It allowed me to be honest with myself in the fact my exercise routine had dipped and my fitness levels dropped with it.

I’m happy to report six months on I have dropped my resting heart beat by 6-7 beats per minute down to the low 50’s. I continue to allow for recovery time during the work day and encourage all our staff to do the same. And I tend to think about that next beer and whether it is necessary, and I have plenty of Alcohol-free days and weeks, which have unbelievable results.

If you or your team are interested in taking the lifestyle assessment please feel to get in touch and I/we will happily talk you through our personal experiences. I can’t recommend it enough!”

Neil Jenkins, MD Welltek

Rest & Recovery
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NHS heroes

“Thank you so much for coming all the way to Whipps Cross, you made the staff very happy today. Many thanks for the Neurosonic products – we are so excited to have them in the department”. Dr Jessica Best Opthalomy Education Fellow, Education Academy Whipps Cross