Healthcare & Wellbeing

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the levels of stress endured on a daily basis by our healthcare workers. We feel the need to change how we design and use hospitals and places of care with greater emphasis on recovery, biophilia and a healthy naturalised environment. With the current changes to all of our work lives, remote consultation and video conferencing are quickly becoming the norm, keeping us safe and increasing productivity. Framery’s private and acoustic pods have a proven record of providing staff with private spaces for calls, work and meetings.

We specialise in staff wellbeing.  With healthcare staff’s demanding workload and long hours, we believe that we can make a positive difference to their work life. With exhaustion and stress, the mind is already in overload, and it is difficult to find the mental capacity to help relieve the stress and recover.


Rest & Recovery
for our stressed-out
NHS heroes

“Thank you so much for coming all the way to Whipps Cross, you made the staff very happy today. Many thanks for the Neurosonic products – we are so excited to have them in the department”. Dr Jessica Best Opthalomy Education Fellow, Education Academy Whipps Cross